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The lobby features separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, in order to reduce stress for our patients while they wait. Our friendly staff will greet you when you arrive and offer any assistance you may need. A technician or assistant will then direct you and your pet into an examination room to see the doctor.

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​​​​​​​Cat & Dog Examination Rooms

We have seven spacious examination rooms, 4 for dogs and 3 for cats, to provide a comfortable place for your pet during their visit. Each room is equipped with all the necessary instruments, anatomy models and treats (distractions) to complete a thorough physical examination.

Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology and Ultrasound

Digital radiography (x-rays), digital dental radiography and ultrasound are the latest in imaging technology, which allows for rapid results and minimal exposure to radiation.

Surgery Prep


Most surgical procedures take place in our surgical suite. State-of-the-art surgical and anesthetic equipment allows us to provide the safest surgical procedure possible. Every patient is monitored during surgery by a Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT). After surgery, an LVT or veterinary assistant will monitor your pet until they are awake, and make sure he/she is comfortable.

Surgery services that we offer!


Pharmacy, Treatment & ICU

​​​​​​​Each of our examination rooms opens into a large area divided into a treatment room, pharmacy, and an intensive care unit (ICU). This multi-use room allows us to prepare prescriptions, run laboratory tests, and perform minor procedures. Patients in the ICU are never alone and are able to be continuously monitored due to this central location.

Comfort Room 1
Comfort Room 2

Comfort Room

​​​​​​​When the time has come to make decisions regarding a family member's quality of life, we have designated a secluded, spacious, relaxed atomsphere for the privacy your family deserves.

As pet owners ourselves, our veterinary team members know how difficult these conversations can be. We are here to help navigate as well as support your decisions, when you need us.



​​​​​​​We can bathe your pet, trim mats, and trim nails. Call our office for more information.