Emergency care: When is it time to seek veterinary care?

"My pet is seizing! What do I do?" Just like with people, animals can have medical emergencies. Whether it be physical accident or injury, it is always a reason to seek care. In critical situations, don’t wait! Stabilize your pet as quickly as possible and come in. If possible, have someone call ahead so we can begin to prepare any and all emergency supplies that might be needed to care for your injured pet. If you can’t call ahead, don’t worry. We know that when your pet is experiencing a medical emergency, it can be a very scary time. Our staff is highly trained for emergency situations and can quickly determine what your pet needs.

Medical situations that are considered emergencies can include (but are not limited to) repeated vomiting, anaphylaxis, difficulty breathing, seizure activity and collapse. All are serious situations and should be addressed immediately. Weight loss, anorexia, an increase in thirst and urination, changes in behavior and lethargy (among many others) might not necessarily be indicative of an “emergency,” but should still be evaluated as quickly as possible. Should you become concerned that your pet is in need of emergency veterinary services, call Ridgewood Animal Hospital immediately. Should you be in need of veterinary care after regular office hours, the voicemail will direct you to the nearest emergency clinic. We are here to walk with you and your pet during this time.