All About Boarding at Ridgewood Animal Hospital

Vacations are fun, but deciding who will care for your furry friends can be stressful. Luckily, Ridgewood Animal Hospital is here to serve the Forest, Bedford, Lynchburg and surrounding areas! We have accommodations for both large and small dogs, cats and even limited exotics and pocket pets.

Large dogs stay in individual runs in our main kennel area. We provide bedding and a raised sleeping platform. We ask that you please leave your pet’s personal bedding at home. We have found that some dogs respond to the stress of boarding by damaging their possessions from home. We highly recommend bringing your dog’s regular food as a sudden diet change can cause vomiting or diarrhea. If you accidentally leave your pet’s food at home, we will feed them a veterinary “gastrointestionsl diet” that generally sits well on even fussy stomachs.

Smaller dogs may also be housed in the main kennel, but if it’s too wild there for your little one, we have a small dog ward to accommodate them. This area is separate from the main kennel to cater to our smaller friends who don’t always appreciate being housed next to a dog 3 times their size. Just like with the dogs in the main kennel, they will be walked a minimum of 3 times a day in our large, fenced in yard.

Cats are housed in “kitty condos” in our cat ward. These condos give our feline friends room to move and play, helping to keep them happy and content during their stay. Separate from the dog boarding and treatment areas, the cats enjoy having the quietest part of the hospital to themselves. Animal care takers will also take your cat out for individual play time if he or she would like.

Birds, exotics and pocket pets may also be boarded with limited availability. They will need to arrive with their housing and supplies.

Sometimes, no matter what, pets get nervous being in a new place. Our staff will keep a close eye on them to make sure they are eating and drinking well and having normal eliminations. Should there be any concern, they will be immediately checked out by our skilled veterinary staff.

It is our goal to provide your pet with a pleasant boarding experience. Plan your vacation with confidence knowing that your furry loved ones are safe and sound at Ridgewood Animal Hospital!