A Clean Litter Box Does a Happy Cat Make- Litter Box Cleaning Guide

As a cat owner, your cat’s litter box might be a source of stress. Remembering to scoop it, remembering to change all of the litter and clean out the box, keeping the litter box area clean-- it can all seem endless. However, keeping your cat’s litter box and area clean is one of the most important responsibilities as a cat owner. If your cat's litter box gets too full and dirty, they might begin looking elsewhere for places to eliminate, such as on your rug or in your laundry. Can you blame them? Imagine the last time you tried to use a public restroom that was dirty. It is likely that you took precautions with toilet liners, or maybe you left to find a new bathroom altogether. This is how your cat feels when they try to use a dirty litter box! Because your cat cannot take any of their own hygiene precautions, they are likely to find a different spot to eliminate.

It is important to start with a clean litter box and keep it clean. This means more that half-heartedly scooping the box every day or so. For a happy cat, you will need to clear the box of clumps and feces as best as you can, and then top the box off with fresh litter once, if not twice, per day. The litter box should be dumped completely at least once every two weeks, and scrubbed out with a mild soap and warm water. Avoid using harsh cleaners such as bleach, which has fumes that may be harmful to your cat's respiratory health, or ammonia, which can smell like urine to some cats and will then discourage your cat to use the box. Some people choose to use plastic liners in litter boxes for easier cleaning, though caution is necessary because some cats do not like the smell or the feeling of the plastic under foot as they are trying to use the box. So, in order to keep both you and​​​​​​​ your cat happy, keep the litter box clean!