Certificate of Veterinary Inspection / CVI / Health Certificate

Protecting you, your pet and preventing the spread of disease.

A Health Certificate, also known as a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) is official documentation required to travel from one state to another as well as from one country to another. It provides a standard criteria for evaluation and monitoring the transport of animals. This process verifies vaccination status, as well as prevent the spread of contagious diseases and parasites. It is very well known that certain diseases and parasites are more common (endemic) to certain regions of the United States and certain countries. Unregulated transport of animals would allow diseases and parasites to invade areas where they do not already exist.

Click here for information by the AVMA on Health Certificates and exemptions

Click here for information regarding requirements for travel into a particular state

Click here for information regarding requirements for travel to other countries

Different states and countries have regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and respecive state agencies. It is imperative, and your legal responsibility, to check with your destination to be sure you are compliant. Not every state requires documentation, some allow exemptions for short term visits, others are very stringent about protocols and requirements. Due to ongoing updates to laws and regulations, it is best that you periodically check for changes in regulations.

Some states have levied penalties ranging from a class 1 misdemeanor up to to a $700 fine. Depending on the method of transport and destination, some Certificates are valid for between 10 and some for 30 days. In the case of an animal being transported into the state of Virginia, if the pet was not examined before leaving the state of origin, it must be examined by an accredited veterinarian as soon as possible.

​​​​​Click here for the description of the Virginia law pertaining to the requirement and enforcement of health certificates

Once the examination is performed by an accredited veterinarian and the proper forms are completed, one copy is sent to the state veterinarian which is subsequently forwarded to the state veterinarian of the of destination. Another copy is provided to you to be kept on hand during your trip. The form will need an address and contact information for your destination, so please try to bring this information along to your appointment.

The vets at RIdgewood Animal Hospital are proud of their accreditation and ability to provide these certificates. They are required to attend continuing education every three years to maintain certification.

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